Safe, Secure and fully Encrypted

A signature is as identifiable as a thumbprint in some ways and like a thumbprint, a written signature is just a one-dimensional mark on the paper and it doesn’t tell anyone much about what actually happened when the person signed.


An E-Signature however, is like a three-dimensional thumbprint. It carries layers of information about who signed what, when, where and how and even creating a robust data trail. The technology collects “process evidence” to prove what happened at every stage of the signing process. It records the exact steps signatories go through when signing, capturing data about the appearance and order of web screens, documents and legal disclosures, and every action taken during review and signing.

Sealed against tampering by digital signature technology, once a document is signed electronically any attempt to edit the information will automatically render the digital/electronic signature visibly invalid. This is a major advantage over a signed piece of paper, which won’t necessarily alert you if it was forged or altered. In short, e-signatures pack a massive punch of informative data – all in one compact, streamlined package.

Unlike filing and storing signed paper documents, electronic files are much more portable and easier to manage. Ease of access is crucial because electronic evidence of signatures must be accessible by all parties for the life of the record.

What E-signatures can do for your business


Save time and money

No more printing, scanning, posting,
chasing documents


Faster turnaround

Documents can be instantly signed at the point of sale or online at a time convenient to the client


Client satisfaction

These days, clients are very familiar with signing documents online, providing them with a greatly improved service


Safe and secure

The system is 100% encrypted no outside parties can access documents

With E-asySignLegal, you have the flexibility to allow your clients to sign at the point of sale or send the documents electronically for them to sign at a later stage. You have complete control over how you run your business.


Countrywide Legacy, which is owned by Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd, provides bespoke legal document drafting software packages to thousands of registered users throughout the UK.

Written and built by our team of experts, Countrywide Legacy not only drafts a large range of legal documents but also assists in running a business more efficiently whilst enhancing client service.

Our senior staff has spent many years in the industry taking instructions from clients themselves and processing documents, so we understand just what you need to enhance the client journey and this is reflected in our innovative software.

Countrywide Legacy offers a completely paperless software!


Automatically generating and electronically signing your Terms of Business, Receipt and Rights to Cancel at the touch of a button, saves you both time and money. The package also includes a personalised Client Disclaimer detailing any areas of concern and indemnifying you, should your clients choose not to follow the best advice. 


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